Wireless Universe, Inc. v. Dunbar Armored Car Services Settlement Negotiations.  
Alleging Breach of Contract via failure to perform per contract terms for client's retail stores in Georgia and in New York state.  Negotiated an early termination of the agreement without penalty for client,  a cancellation of outstanding invoices as well as the payment of attorney fees by Dunbar Armored.  

​K and C. Hoenshel v. Kerley Family Homes, 2-10 Home Buyer Arbitration, 2018  Engaged in consolidated and hybrid arbitration-mediation with builder's legal counsel to resolve client's construction defect allegations filed as 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty claims and as Non-Warranty claims of  breach of express warranty, breach of contract and negligent construction.  Obtained  favorable settlement the terms of which, pursuant to the settlement agreement, cannot be disclosed. 

Green Construction, Design and Development v. Slick Drywall Company, Inc., 2016-0152875-CV - Filed 4 Lien Contests on behalf of General Contractor and obtained release of all liens by filing companion litigation against subcontractor that alleged Deceptive Trade Practices and sought Injunctive Relief and Attorney Fees.  Accomplished outcome within weeks to avoid any effect upon relationship and contract between GC and Owner, Extra Storage Spaces.

Other Out of Court Settlements
Fan Racks Milw. LLC v. Fan Racks, Inc. - assisted franchisee in enforcing terms of agreement and obtaining payment of all monies due and owing.

Wright v.  MCC, Inc. Contractor 
Ms. Murray-Bonton filed a construction defect and breach of contract action on behalf of the Wrights.  After extensive discovery, depositions and the collection of expert witness testimony, Ms. Murray-Bonton negotiated through mediation a full and final settlement that included the Wrights being released from a $80,000.00 invoice and mechanics lien of equal lien.  

Law Office Of Georgia Murray-Bonton, P.C.