Family Law Matters Completed

Ms. Murray-Bonton has successfully assisted her clients with the following matters:

Skinner-Ross v. Ross, 12-A-00907-2, Gwinnett County Superior Court.
Ms. Murray-Bonton structured a joint physical custody and legal custody arrangement for the parties as well as an equitable division of marital property that met both party's expectations and resulted in a final settlement and divorce without a court appearance.

Goez v. Goez, 2011-A-04533-8, Gwinnett County Superior Court.
Ms. Murray-Bonton, after extensive negotiations and mediation, obtained a Final Order of Alimony and Divorce providing for $60,00.00 per year in alimony for ten (10) years.

Berry v. Berry, 2011-A-09478-3 A Final Divorce and equitable division of marital debt was obtained for our client inclusive of the assumption of outstanding Federal and State tax debt by the opposing party.

In Re: Christian Jamal Reed, 10-C-000676, Gwinnett County Probate Court.
Ms. Murray-Bonton obtained an order establishing letters of guardianship for parents of a teenager with Autism as well as letters of conservatorship that will be entered when the minor child reaches 18 years of age.  As part of the services provided, Bonton Law also provided Last Wills and Testaments for the natural parents along with Health Directives and Durable Powers of Attorney. These estate documents naturally took into consideration and accommodated the special needs of their teenage son with autism.

Williams v. Williams, 2010-A-02929-9, Gwinnett County Superior Court.
Ms. Murray-Bonton obtained an order providing for an equitable division of marital property favorable to her client inclusive of  50% of all retirement accounts held, 50% of all outstanding investments and 50% of the equity in the family home.  In addition, her client received physical custody of the minor children.

Williams v. Fleming 10-A-00969-6, Gwinnett County,Superior Court.
Our client requested we defend him against potential contempt charges and file a petition to reduce his monthly support obligation.   Ms. Murray-Bonton successfully negotiated a modification of child support resulting in a $10,000.00 reduction ini child supportn arrears for her client.

DHR v. Phillip Young, 1999-CV-12601, Fulton County Superior Court, contempt filed 2008 Phillip Young v. A. Ellington, 1999-CV-12601, Fulton County Superior Court, Motion to Clarify Order filed 2008
Our client, Phillip Young approached our office to  defend him against an allegation of unpaid arrears in the amount of $65,000.00.  Ms. Murray-Bonton successfully argued her motion brief to clarify the underlying order at a bench trial held in Fulton County Superior Court.  The resultant order obtained a $62,000.00 reduction in the amount of arrears alleged and a dismissal of the petition for contempt filed by the Georgia department of Human Services against our client.

Hall v. Griggs, 2009-A-10566-4, Gwinnett County Superior Court
Our client approached us for a reduction in child support following his wife’s remarriage.  At a bench trial, Ms. Murray-Bonton argued change of financial circumstances for both parties and obtained an order reducing her  client’s monthly child support obligation by 50% per month.  

In addition, Ms. Murray-Bonton has negotiated separation agreements, final divorce decrees, and modifications of visitatiion rights privately or through mediation ,without court appearances, for several clients including the following:

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